The Restless Wave
John McCain
Contributed by Nina Calhoun
Chapter 8

The chapter begins with a critical analysis of the relationship between Russia and the West. Most importantly, it focuses on the Annexation of Crimea from Ukraine as a blatant violation of the rights of the Ukrainian people. McCain writes that “Putin viewed Ukraine’s economic and political alliance as indispensable to a reconstituted Russian sphere of influence, and he was prepared to fight for it.”  Russia, it appears, had formed all the necessary steps that would allow it to crush the Ukrainian economy, subdue it and make Ukraine dependent on Russia. As a result of this, McCain supports the European initiative which would liberate Ukraine from the hands of Russia.


In recent years, the Russian involvement in Ukraine is one of the most devastating political events in Europe.  The Annexation of Crimea has been described as an interference with the sovereignty of Ukraine. The European Union and the United States, through various sanctions, have tried to compel Russia to cede ground and return Crimea to Ukraine. However, it appears that Russia is much stronger than they thought and the efforts have not had the desired effect. Even when it would call for the use of military action, it would be necessary to protect Eastern European countries from the Putin-led administration which has apparently gone rogue. The countries within Europe who are sympathetic to the Russian regime is problematic as Russia has exploited the divisions to a significant effect.

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