The Restless Wave
John McCain
Contributed by Nina Calhoun
Chapter 9

America has features that distinguish it greatly from other countries. Such features has made the country extremely unique and easily distinguishable. Like any other country, America has always desired to work in ways that serve its interests. However, McCain says that the interests of America are always intertwined with the interests of the rest of the world. McCain writes that "what has distinguished us in the great chapters of our history, the attitude that had so impressed Saint-Exupéry, whose observations are displayed today in the D-Day museum at Utah Beach, is that we have seen our interests in the world as inextricably linked to the global progress of our ideals." In this respect, the United States, through its motivated self-interest actions, usually acts in furtherance of the interest of the world.  For example, when the country fights terrorist and extremist groups in various parts of the world, it does this not only for its interests of Americans, but to beneficial to the global community. McCain refers to the accusations leveled against the United States’ operations in the Middle East to the effect that the country was interested in the oil resources in the region. He reiterates that these are baseless accusations from detractors who are always determined to see the downfall of America.


There is a reason why America is a great nation. When a disaster happens in any part of the world, America is the country who is called upon to intervene. While any country usually acts in furtherance of self-interests, America has almost always acted in ways that are beneficial to the world. The country realizes that peace in the world, is peace to America and instability in the world, is also instability to the America. However, not all nations or leaders appreciate the role that America plays to improve the condition of the world. There are some who believe that America acts upon selfish interests. McCain sees these as diversionary tactics initiated by America’s enemies to negatively influence its agenda.

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