The Restless Wave
John McCain

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Living with Terminal Illness
Having been diagnosed with cancer in July 2017, McCain most likely had one of the most devastating moments in his life. He had visited Mayo Clinic, one of the top medical centers, and did not expect such an outcome. He only felt fatigued, and that could not be sufficient for one to suspect cancer. However, the most impressive aspect is the manner in which he embraced the condition and decided to fight it. He instructed the doctors that he wanted to report back to work as soon as possible.  McCain demonstrates that it is useless to whine about medical conditions. Accepting the condition, seeking medical care, and continuing to do what makes your life worth living are the most important steps.
To McCain, the love for America is the force behind all his actions and statements. During the 2008 campaigns against Barack Obama, there was persuasion from other sectors to use the tribal card. However, McCain ruled that out as he argues that even if he had won, leading a divided country would not be his desire. Even when he questioned the nationality of President Barack Obama, it was done for the best interest of the country. However, McCain’s launching of an attack against president Putin is one of his most impressive example of his love for the country of America. It is the responsibility of any citizen to love and defend his country at all costs.
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