The Rhythm Section
Mark Burnell
Contributed by Elene Blackwelder
Mark Burnell
Year Published
About the Title

Stephanie Patrick, the protagonist, goes through a self-destructive downward spiral that results in her working as a prostitute after the tragic deaths of her family members in a plane crash. Later, when she is informed by an investigative journalist, Proctor, that her family members were the victims of a terrorist attack, she pursues the perpetrators by joining a covert intelligence organization in a bid to avenge their deaths. In The Rhythm Section, Stephanie’s hard and tragic circumstances transform her from a vulnerable character to a cold-hearted killer as she attempts to find those responsible for the crash that led to the death of her entire family. Despite her need to avenge their deaths, Stephanie questions whether trading her youth to work for the covert organization is truly worth it since she is constantly kept in the dark about the missions she is sent on that often end in the assassination of individuals that have nothing to do with her ultimate wish.

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