The Rhythm Section
Mark Burnell
Contributed by Elene Blackwelder
Chapter 31

Several months after the attack, Alexander sits in his office as he reminisces about the success of the SAS rescue mission. Despite having stopped the Sons of Sabah, Alexander took issue with the fact that Petra had her own agenda during the hijack, and managing to flee with the money that Magenta House had secured as payment from Serra for assassinating Leon Giler. As the covert organization intensifies their search, Alexander summons Frank White, whom he suspects of knowing Petra’s location. Furthermore, he confronts White for being Petra’s lover when he was only meant to pry on her and report back to the organization. Afterwards, White leaves the office and goes to a supermarket. There he is approached by Bradfield, who informs him of the rendezvous location that Petra expects them to meet — so that they can elope.


Stephanie gets closure after the terrorists are stopped. In her last phone call to Alexander, she says “the contract between us is now terminated… I will be watching you and what is left of my family. If any harm comes to any of them, I will step out of the darkness once more and then I will vanish for ever” (Burnell, 274). This statement reiterates her position, specifically how she no longer wants any further involvement with Alexander and Magenta House — and warns him to refrain from threatening her brother’s family to lure her out of hiding. In the end, Stephanie’s hope of having a normal life is fulfilled when she secretly reaches out to Frank and asks him to join her. Finally, she can start a family of her own.

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