The Russian Hoax
Gregg Jarrett

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How much should an employer be allowed to monitor employee activity in the workplace?

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Chapter Summaries
Chapter Summaries Table
Chapter Summary
Chapter 1

Hillary Clinton is known to be a determined person. During the time of her tenure as Secretary of State, she had the determination to set-up an ema...

Chapter 2

James Comey was the FBI director. After the investigation into the issue of Hillary Clinton and her email server, he gathered up all the evidence a...

Chapter 3

Not everyone was convinced with James Comey’s research since it did not pursue charges against Hillary Clinton, with very little known about why ...

Chapter 4

During an interview in June of 2014, Hillary Clinton claimed that upon leaving the White House, they were broke and were swimming in debt. Moreover...

Chapter 5

There is a belief that the FBI officials, who were supposed to uphold the integrity of the FBI and the Department of Justice, did contrary to the p...

Chapter 6

John Brennan was a senior aide to the intelligence committee of Congress. Brennan’s acts in relation to the “dossier” were examined and analy...

Chapter 7

The Constitution provided various terms that the government was to follow when conducting surveillance. For instance, the Fourth Amendment demanded...

Chapter 8

This chapter aims to explain the act of Donald Trump meeting with Russian president, Vladimir Putin, as not being a crime. The First Amendment to t...

Chapter 9

This chapter primarily looks at some of the choices Donald Trump made as U.S. president. During the first one hundred days of his tenure, he select...

Chapter 10

James Comey was an FBI director who was fired for numerous cases of violating FBI laws. However, it is ironic that he wrote a book titled, “Highe...

Chapter 11

This chapter looks at how Robert Mueller was appointed illegitimately. He was elected to take on the role of Special Counsel. Moreover, he did not ...

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