The Russian Hoax
Gregg Jarrett
Contributed by Margherita Wickersham
Chapter 1

Hillary Clinton is known to be a determined person. During the time of her tenure as Secretary of State, she had the determination to set-up an email server in the basement of her home. The server was to be an exclusive method by which Clinton could use for all her official business electronic communications. However, her idea seemed reckless and the act appeared somewhat criminal in nature. The email server acted as an inexorable end to Clinton’s dream of one day becoming the President of the United States. Additionally, the issue of the server apparatus was further complicated through the hidden nature of its design, with the motivation, which was behind Clinton’s decision to use the server, invited the question of, “if someone has nothing to hide, why hide?” This statement was related to the fact that people who engaged in improper and illegal activities always carried out their operations in darkness.


Clinton’s idea of having a private email server in her home was a good idea. But the major bone of contention was the method in which the idea was implemented: the server was set, only to be used for the wrong reasons. Contrary to the oath she had bound herself with when she promised to curb corruption in the country, Clinton’s use of suspicious servers showcased a possibility of corrupt undertakings and subsequently maimed her quest for the presidency since the people believed she was not a keeper of her word. To add insult to injury, during her campaign for the 2008 presidency, she promised the people a couple of things. The first was to fulfill all the FOIA requests, a promise she did not manage to keep. The email server enabled her to disclose her communications publicly, and it helped her hide her self-serving deals.

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