The Russian Hoax
Gregg Jarrett
Contributed by Margherita Wickersham
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Chapter 10

James Comey was an FBI director who was fired for numerous cases of violating FBI laws. However, it is ironic that he wrote a book titled, “Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies, and Leadership”. The book primarily focuses on how power corrupts individuals, and where he did not believe himself to have become one of them. Comey decided on the fate of Hillary Clinton in the email server scandal, which had significant implications for her presidential campaign. It was not his job to decide on Clinton’s fate, since that was the role of the court of law. Therefore, by doing so, he overstepped his authority and belittled the law. This led to various people in the Department of Justice to condemn his actions. Comey also told Trump what he was to say in the Flynn case; again, such actions go beyond his authority since everyone has their own interpretation and thoughts on individuals, and Trump had the right to say what he thought about Flynn.


It is evident that obstruction of justice is highly condemned. It is also true that the role of the court system in a country should be upheld and respected. This explains why the Department of Justice condemned Comey for overstepping his authority and deciding on the fate of Hillary Clinton. He also wrote a book that discussed about corrupt powers, yet he was one of them. In his book, he condemned leaders, and used it to clear his name; he was not successful.

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