The Russian Hoax
Gregg Jarrett
Contributed by Margherita Wickersham
Chapter 4

During an interview in June of 2014, Hillary Clinton claimed that upon leaving the White House, they were broke and were swimming in debt. Moreover, her statements marked different sentiments since the Clinton family already owned two lavish and expensive houses by the time they were moving out from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. It was also discovered that they had acquired a five-bedroom home in Chappaqua for $1.7 million, as well as another seven-bedroom house in Washington. They bought all these properties, yet still claiming that they were broke. Jarrett argues that “people who are dead broke can hardly afford homes valued at a combined $4.55 million.” Moreover, Clinton began charging $225,000 for her speeches, which was a relatively massive amount of money. All these activities were attributed to greed.


It is evident that Hillary Clinton and her family did all that it took to become wealthy. In the same context, they went ahead to become objects of greed. Jarrett explained this in one of his books, titled Cash: The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich, which has risen to become one of the bestselling books by the author. It is also a fact that Bill Clinton had gone to the extent of asking for greater payments for talks given by him, as well as for his speeches too. They have also, at times, received money from foreign sources.

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