The Russian Hoax
Gregg Jarrett
Contributed by Margherita Wickersham
Chapter 6

John Brennan was a senior aide to the intelligence committee of Congress. Brennan’s acts in relation to the “dossier” were examined and analyzed, where he played a pivotal role in its politicized promulgation and used it as a weapon of false intelligence against Donald Trump. When Brennan learned of the dossier’s existence, he provided more information about it to the Democrats on Capitol Hill and the various directors at the FBI. He also gave the same information to various media personalities.

In his testimony to the House Intelligence Committee, Brennan admitted that he was among the first people with access to the dossier, and one of the first who alerted the FBI on the issue, which opened up the investigation against both Trump and the country of Russia. He also firmly believed that Russia was on Trump’s side, and were working to ensure that he won in the elections. Brennan also claimed that the information had come from the dossier, which meant that it had not been proved. However, he believed accessing the information in the dossier would help answer the question as to whether the Russians had a hand in Trump’s election.


The issues of the “dossier” spread very quickly as both Russia and the United States were directly involved. John Brennan was the central person in the case, since he was the sole witness claiming that Russia had a hand in the outcomes of the 2016 general elections. Nevertheless, it was also true that Brennan was a reliable witness who told everything he knew to the media, the Democrats, and the FBI — which sparked new investigations on the Trump-Russia issue.

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