The Russian Hoax
Gregg Jarrett
Contributed by Margherita Wickersham
Themes are described as ideas that dominate a particular piece of literature. In almost all cases, pieces of literature will be centered a theme or a number of them.

The theme of corruption was mainly evident in the case of James Comey. During his era as FBI Director, he faced many controversies that mainly involved a lack of adherence to FBI regulations. For instance, in his investigation of Hillary Clinton, no fruits were borne since zero charges were laid. Moreover, even Clinton was found to be not guilty of the email server case-slash-saga, which was contrary to the people’s expectations. Furthermore, Comey cleared several corrupt officials despite having evidence against them.


The book focuses primarily on American politics, and looked at the controversies that surrounded the 2016 election period in the United States — specifically at two politicians, Hillary Clinton, and Donald Trump. The idea of Trump colluding with Russian president, Vladimir Putin, to alter the elections was just a political one. It could be an idea aimed at framing Donald Trump to avert people’s thoughts on Clinton’s previous case of the email servers. The book also looks at the various appointments made by Trump during his presidency. Jarrett also laid out his views on the 2016 U.S. elections.


In the book, the issue of justice has been vastly looked at. For instance, in Chapter 10, which is titled “Obstruction of Justice”, we see James Comey obstructing justice by overstepping his authority in determining Hillary Clinton’s fate, which was not part of his job. We also see the Department of Justice condemning his actions by arguing that he was obstructing justice.


Leadership has been vastly discussed in the book. One of the instances were the choices that Donald Trump made as U.S. president, being the leader of his government and having to choose his officials. In his own terms, Trump exercised leadership by choosing the likes of General Michael Flynn, Senator Jeff Sessions, and James Comey to be part of his government. However, as a leader, he was supposed to possess good leadership qualities aimed at upholding the law, which was not the case here. Trump chose these officials despite their previous controversies. In the case of Comey, for instance, he had been accused of failing to follow FBI regulations, and his selection into Trump's government raised questions about his leadership abilities.

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