The Silent Patient
Alex Michaelides
Contributed by Carey Speaks
Alex Michaelides
Year Published
About the Title

The novel is a captivating thriller that outlines the anguish that Alicia, a painter, goes through after the death of her husband, Gabriel. Alicia’s plight is ignited by a jealous husband, Theo. He is spiteful of Gabriel for having an affair with his wife, Kathy. Blinded by rage, Theo hurts and threatens to kill both Gabriel and his wife but does not go through with it. Dejectedly, there is an astonishing turn of events. After finding out about her husband’s affair, Alicia murders Gabriel in cold blood. From Alicia’s trial, to her remand in a psychiatric hospital, Alicia remains mute out of guilt. In the sense of a criminal revisiting the scene of a crime, Theo gets employed at the psychiatric hospital that Alicia is admitted in with the deceptive intention of treating Alicia. The plot of the novel revolves around a silent patient, Alicia, and how she seeks to prove that her seemingly innocent therapist, Theo, was also involved in Gabriel’s murder.

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