The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck
Mark Manson
Contributed by Micheal Celestin
Chapter 2

For the second chapter, the author underlines the fact that there is a correlation between happiness and pain.  First of all is important to keep in mind that joy is in no way a solvable mathematical equation, it's actually a full process. By resisting loss and pain we only bypass the feeling we are yearning for and which is known as happiness. By all means, pain is seen as a useful element. When we are young it teaches us to pay more attention and when we are older it nudges us in the right direction. There is a reason why life is a seen as a never-ending series of solvable problems. Once we manage to find the solution for one of the difficulties we are facing, we manage to enjoy a few moments of relief and happiness until the other problem arise. If there would be no struggle then there would be no satisfaction.  The joy this society desire is actually represented by the climbing to the top and not the view from there.


Manson tries to convince us in these pages that suffering has a reason. By feeling the pain we are encouraged to do changes. It is thought that discomfort represents the foundation of evolvement. The same thing applies to emotions. They are biological signs that have the role of guiding us through this maze of uncertainties and possible outcomes. Even so, we should not allow them to control our lives as their only rule is to push us onto the right pathway and not to decide what our next step will be. Based on all of this information, by the end of the chapter, we should be able to understand the possible outcome leaving problems unsolved can have. Because of that negative emotions are seen as the bodies way to call to action. We shouldn't avoid them as it will only lead to dissatisfaction, on the contrary, we should try to find solutions for all the barriers and be prepared to overcome the ones which will arise after that.

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