The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck
Mark Manson
Contributed by Micheal Celestin
Chapter 3

The nature of life is that most of us are average at the majority of the activities which we are involved in.  Becoming exceptional requires time and many of us don't have that luxury. Because of that most of us end up being identical while only a few manage to reach the top. Despite all of these, the media mistakenly informs us that we are different by feeding us with videos and pictures of successful people. From that point we start seeing ourselves as being separate from the rest of the group and because of that we ask for special treatment. Some of the people tend to see themselves as big failures while others are at the opposite pole and refuse to accept the idea that they might not be as important as they think they are. Both situation eventually leads to a bypass of solving problems because we start thinking that it is either not our duty to find solutions or that we lack the skills to do so. Because of that, all those developing high self-esteem courses became successful even though further studies proved that the outcome is far from what we expected.  Even though the internet managed to offer us the liberty we desired in terms of the way we express ourselves it also created a virtual prison where we are convicted because of our desire to be someone else.


Manson continues pointing out the negative effects the internet can have on our lives. The web is filled with deluge messages of how everyone possesses unique traits and deserves to be on the top of the pyramid. As a result of all of these, we grow up believing that we are entitled to a different approach than the others. We no longer see ourselves as normal persons but as someone who is either above or below the mediocrity. Based on the writer's experience, accepting that we are all the same will eventually offer us a feeling of relief. In order to stay mentally healthy, we need to be honest with ourselves and accept some general truths. Even though it can be painful to admit that you will make no impact in the world, all of these will put you on the right path as you will also let go of the pressure that comes with the need to succeed. Mediocrity shouldn't be seen as a defect but more as a quality as it underlines the fact that we are not the only ones going through harsh moments.

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