The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck
Mark Manson
Contributed by Micheal Celestin
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By Tree Franklyn ; HuffingtonPost; 9/15/2016


The book review posted on the Huffington Post website is based on Manson's book and also on an interview conducted after the release of the guide. At a first glance, Mark can be seen as being a very crude person because of his harsh words used in all the pages and also as a spoiled immature man who only cares about fun. Even so, the writer insists that there is another face of the author behind the pages and the ink. Many people might be misled because of the title of the book. The core of it is not to avoid caring about everything but more about focusing on finding what really matters in our lives and letting it dominate us. If other self-help books promise to bring more happiness and solve all the problems of the readers, Manson's guide is not on the same page. There is no hope in the book, just a bunch of advice which might or might not help you.

In the writers' opinion, the greatest thing about this book is its irony. The irony is the only thing that can make the reader feel hopeful after reading those pages. Is what bonds them with Manson's idea and help them give a chance to embrace all those elements which we avoided in the past.  Even so, by the time we finish reading the book we might have a totally different conception regarding how things should work in our life.


By Jennifer Haupt; Psychology Today; 27/12/2016


The writer Jennifer Haupt starts her article by giving information about Manson’s past and his blog. As everyone can confirm, his blog represented the foundation for this best seller he was going to write a few years after his first post. This article is more about offering a summary of the book rather than criticizing it. There are only a few parts in which the writer express her own point of view in regard to Manson's way of writing and also the messages he is trying to send. This explains why the article is full of quotation.

Further, the writer gives a brief presentation of the book and also of the rules which are mentioned in the pages. She focuses a lot on the fact that if you care less you will be happier and that it is our choice in deciding what really matters and what doesn't. She also enumerates a list of things which she considers to be the most damaging if we prioritize them: trying to impress the others, trying to always be right and never admit that we are wrong, trying to be successful, being fake and polite all the time, and pretending we have a positive mood no matter the situation.

Overall she finds the book interesting and helpful. In her article, she quotes Manson multiple times in order to offer her readers a sneak peek of what they can find in the book.



By Brooke Murphy; Independent Australia; 3/09/2017


Murphy believes that Mark Manson's book represents that gold element through a multitude of silver. We are used to bookstores crowded with self -development books which focuses on being positive all the time. Out of all these books, a curse word in the title is the one standing out. Because of its appearance which is more conventional than the others, we might be more interested in taking a look.

The writer started reading it and expected to find a variety of funny passages but instead, he discovered a book which has to offer a lot more than just humor. In his opinion, this book is a life changer since it totally changed its perceptions about his life. Even though the book is flooded with life lessons there are three that made Murphy enjoy this book. The first of them is focusing on what really matters; the second one is that we are not entitled to anything and the third one is learning that if you take pleasure in the ordinary you will feel more joy. He concludes his article by stating that even though Manson's purpose is not to solve the readers' problem, it is to make them accept that they are mediocre and it's nothing wrong with that.


By Brandon King; Red Dirt Report; 21/06/2017


The writer from the Red Dirt Report approaches the book in a more negative manner. Despite reaching the NY Times bestseller list, Brandon doesn't believe in the potential of this book. More than this, he finds all the piece of advice which were offered cliché as they were already explored by others. In his opinion what really makes the book interesting is the way Manson expresses his idea. It's not really about the content as it is about the way he wrote with a little bit of sarcasm mixed with apathy and a lot of humor. Overall, his writing style looks like it is relevant for these days and is the one making this message become interesting despite the lack of importance.

He also believes that Mark found his source of inspiration in the Buddhism as many of the ideas are actually fundamentals of this religion. More exactly, it seems like in the book, the Four Noble Truths are the ones which are explored but are presented in the author's own style.

He ends his article by stating that the book is definitely not the worst, but it's nothing innovative in it. It's more like the kind of book you would read when you have nothing else to do.

Personally, I can agree with this writer as most of the information in the book didn't bring anything new. It was more like Manson's desire was to always be against what the others proposed. For this reason, I see him as the kind of person who would go left only because everyone else is going right. No matter what, his way of writing is definitely a very interesting one. We became used to authors imposing a specific way of addressing to the readers. Manson again tries to distance himself from this rule and prefers to write in a more relaxed, a more familiar way. This is helpful as it offers us, the readers, a more comfortable reading; even though sometimes the curses might exceed our expectations.

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