The Sun Is Also a Star
Nicola Yoon
Contributed by Carey Speaks
Chapter 101-110

Daniel goes back the glass building to look for Natasha. However, he does not know exactly where he should be looking for her. It then dawns on him that his interview is at the same building. Meanwhile, Natasha goes into the hair store, where she finds Charlie and asks for Daniel’s number. He initially hesitates, but eventually gives it to her. She calls Daniel, who acknowledges that he was also looking for her. He apologizes for being a jerk earlier; she says it is okay, since she should have told him about the deportation issue. In the next chapter, she is back at the building, where Daniel is waiting for her. They are both happy to see one other; but her happiness is intense like never before. She notices his bruised lip and connects it with Charlie’s bruised eye. She asks if they fought because of her and he nods. She is glad that he considers her worthy fighting for although she chooses to let the issue go. She admits that she was mad at him considering his reaction after she told him about the deportation, and he apologizes. Besides, she calls Lester Barnes thanking him for his help and also asks him to thank Irene, the security guard for her.

Daniel intends to take Natasha to the roof of the building so that they can make out. However, the door to the roof is closed. Suddenly, an old security guard opens it from the side of the roof. He has a bad cough, and Natasha tells him that he should stop smoking. After conversing for a while, the guard allows them to go to the roof but asks them to be careful and have a good time.

In “Joe: A Planned History”, Joe, the old security guard, is reminded of his wife when he sees Natasha. She died last year, which caused him to start smoking and working again. However, he thinks he might stop smoking and make new plans. On the roof, Daniel seems to have a different view of the city as that of Natasha’s, who only sees empty rooftops populated with long-abandoned things—nonworking HVAC units, broken office furniture, and a few rooftop gardens. They get close and kiss, and she suddenly becomes overwhelmed with a profound desire of the present and the future, and she wishes that single moment they are having could quench all her desires. She then asks him to move a few steps back to the range they cannot kiss. He has forty minutes before the interview, and she thinks they can go through more of the research questions.

In the next chapter, “Daniel,” they talk about God, love, and memories. They realize that the best memories they have are about the people they least like today. For Natasha, it is her father; for Daniel, it is about Charlie. In “Eyes: An Evolutionary History,” the narrator gives an account on the evolution of the eyes, from light-sensitive spots to what we now know as the human eye. He raises questions on the issue of the eye turning from a survival mechanism to love-related issues. Daniel goes into Attorney Fitzgerald’s office and finds the paralegal crying. He tries to comfort her. The door behind him opens, and Attorney Fitzgerald lets him in saying he is late.


The coincidence in these chapters is astounding. It seems like fate is guiding every occurrence and event to ensure that Daniel and Natasha are together. It is clear that Natasha is capable of interacting with different people effectively; and for this reason, she has no trouble dealing with Charlie. The event where Charlie helps her by sharing Daniel’s phone number indicates that he only dislikes his brother and things to do with the Korean culture. Natasha seems American, and for that reason, he cannot fail to help her as she is part of what he aspires to. Despite being a non-believer, Natasha is happy to see Daniel for he already means a great deal to her. His presence has made her day blissful, and she is not ready to let that feeling go away.

On the other hand, Daniel is a romantic thinker who believes in romantic gestures. His poetic nature leads him to believing that the rooftop is an idyllic spot, and his view of the city in a collective and originative manner shows that he is more thoughtful than Natasha assumes. They both have a great time together, for they are compatible and know how to connect their varied views — to one thing called love.

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