The Sun Is Also a Star
Nicola Yoon
Contributed by Carey Speaks
Chapter 41-50

In “Hannah Winter: A Fairy-Tale History, Part 1,” the narrator explains the love Hannah has for her boss, Attorney Jeremy Fitzgerald, despite being a married man with two children. She never thought he would return the love until he did. The narrator confirms these words in the next chapter titled “Attorney Jeremy Fitzgerald: A Fairy-Tale History, Part 1”, where the lawyer was hit by a car, an accident that made him re-evaluate his life choices and decisions.

Instead of going to his interview, Daniel calls to reschedule so that he can wait for Natasha, subsequently believing that he has made a poor choice, one that his parents would not approve. Immediately after that thought, he sees Natasha exiting the lift looking for someone, and he hopes that she is looking for him. Not seeing Daniel in the lobby or outside makes her yearn for him. She does not want to leave for she is in the last place she saw him; but she finally sees him, and glad that he never left.

At that very instance, Daniel tries to describe the expressions on Natasha’s face, but is not sure if the analysis is correct. She is both happy and surprised that he created time for her. Daniel then asks if she can accompany him to his dad’s hair care store in Harlem, despite knowing that taking her there is the last thing he should be doing and knowing how his dad and Charlie will react. They reach near the store, and he asks her if she can wait for him outside. At first, she thinks that he is embarrassed by his family as she would be; but it occurs to her that he might be embarrassed by her, that he does not want his family to see her. In “Hair: An African History”, the narrator gives a brief history of the African hair, from before slavery to modern times, and providing an account of different African hairstyles and the things they meant in the 15th century — such as power and wealth, mourning, and the tied spiritual importance.

Daniel thinks he is a bigger asshole than Charlie after asks Natasha to wait for him outside. He does not want to be such an individual who is embarrassed by a girl, but he does not want to invite the family drama to the thing he is trying to build with her. On the other hand, Natasha claims she is okay with waiting even though she wants him to choose her. He looks at her, and he knows that she understands the things he is going through. Daniel believes it is better that he goes inside the store alone, hand over the pouch his mother gave him to bring to the shop, and leave. Nonetheless, he asks for a “do-over”, and she smiles widely making him sure of himself.


These sections talk about taking chances for love. Rescheduling his appointment shows that Daniel is not ready to give up on Natasha; and her thinking a lot about him indicates that she does not want him to leave. She is a master of hiding expressions and feelings considering how she manages to confuse him after they meet again. Furthermore, Daniel is willing to take chances when he asks her to take him to Harlem where she will probably meet both his dad and Charlie. However, he hesitates and asks her to wait for him outside the store, as he is not ready to allow his family to ruin the good thing that he has going with her, as well as the possible future he keeps on seeing. Above all, he is a self-conscious individual who already cares for her — and where he cannot let his fear derail their growing relationship.

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