The Sun Is Also a Star
Nicola Yoon
Contributed by Carey Speaks
Chapter 61-70

Due to the waitress’s ignorance observed in the previous chapter, the narrator decides to give a brief account of the origin of this behavior. In “The Waitress: A History of Love”, she talks about some Korean parents ignoring their son for getting involved with an American girl, getting married and having children that she has never met apart from seeing them on the internet.

With two hours to go before Natasha’s appointment, they decide to go to the norebang, the Korean Karaoke. She has never been to such places before, and she becomes aware that she likes making Daniel happy. He chooses a song and performs it before her; she cannot deny but acknowledge that he is a good singer. He also wants her to sing, and realizes that he should have thought of bringing her here before due to the romantic mood in the place.

Daniel then explains how she chooses and badly sings a depressing song. After the song ends, he goes forwards and pulls her till their bodies meet. He looks into her eyes before kissing her passionately. He simply likes everything about her. She also explains the kissing saying that she cannot get enough of it. At this point, every inch of her body feels attracted to Daniel, and she is sure that they are magic. Daniel, on the other hand, is thinking about having sex with her right there in the norebang — but he cannot let himself ask her anything of the sort, despite being mindful of the things she might think of him. She continues touching his body, with her hands ending up on his butt. She likes how it feels, palming and squeezing it; he says it is not a melon, but it’s hers. She tries to slow down the kissing for she knows it will be hard for her later.

Daniel recounts and appreciates the different occurrences that have happened in his life, thinking that they were all leading him to this particular moment with her. He wants to learn more about the rigid relationship between Natasha and her dad, but she is hesitant. They also talk about his mother and his passion for poetry. Daniel admits that besides poems, she is the only other thing that makes him feel like himself, and she kisses him. To her, kissing him is a means to an end, a way of stopping him from talking as she does not want to love him.


The waitress’ tale portrays the way most people like to project their pain and bad choices on others in order to feel better about themselves. Daniel wants to share his every skill and experience with Natasha, and this is the reason behind taking her to the norebang. His main intention is to make her happy, and he hopes his singing skills will impress her. From the beginning, Natasha seems to love sad music, and this explains the song she chooses to perform. Not long after, they being kissing — as their experiences throughout the day have brought them closer, and she cannot continue pushing him away. The compatibility of their personalities is seemingly impressive, where it guides them through the choices they make.

Evidently, Daniel is thinking about sex, for he is a teenage boy who only has very few things to think about. On the other hand, such thoughts never crossed Natasha’s mind, considering the worries she presently has. Nevertheless, he manages to offer her some relief. But when he makes his feelings known, she kisses him to avoid the inevitable eruption of love between them.

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