The Sun Is Also a Star
Nicola Yoon
Contributed by Carey Speaks
Motifs are devices or structures that are used by artists or authors to help in the development of a theme.

Throughout the novel, Natasha’s passion for both logical reasoning and science become a key way for her and Daniel to fall in love. She is unwilling to accept abstract ideas of love without evidence, but Daniel’s request for them to take part in Arthur’s psychological experiment makes her fall in love with him based on familiar science. Even though Natasha holds the notion that sciences offer objective truths, the novel maintains that science also plays a key role in the development of love, notably in less-rational explanations for it.

The Multiverse and Alternative Histories

All through the novel, both Natasha and Daniel entertain the notion of multiverses, whereby they can live the different iterations of their lives. From the novel, the reader learns that the multiverse theory claims that “every version of our past and future histories exist, just in an alternative universe” (79). Since both Natasha and Daniel are at different stages in their lives, the presence of alternative outcomes for their lives is extremely interesting. It serves as a resolution to the grandfather paradox that argues that any alterations in the history of an individual will make the present not to exist at all.

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