The Trial
Franz Kafka
Contributed by Sung Miele
Discussion Questions
  1. What are the two levels at which the novel operates? 
  2. What is K’s guilt? Why does he consider himself guilty? 
  3. What is the significance of the lawyer Huld? 
  4. Would you call Block, the hero of the novel, because he submits to Fate and understands the system? 
  5. How relevant is Kafka’s story in a democratic set up today? 
  6. Why does K submit meekly to his executors? 
  7. What do you think of the painter, ’Tutterolli’? 
  8. Write a note on the voyeuristic reader or the reader’s response as identified with the silent observers in the book. 
  9. Write a short note on Frau Grubach.
  10. Delineate K.’s, relationship with women in ’The Trial’. 
  11. Describe the character of Block-the tradesman. 
  12. Contrast the women characters Fräulein Bürstner and Leni. 
  13. Comment on the use of spaces-the townscape outside the window and the vaulted architecture of the Cathedral as the background to
  14. important events in the book. 
  15. Write a detailed essay on the courtrooms and the procedure of the courts in bringing the accused to trial. 
  16. The use of metaphor in Kafka’s ’The Trial’. 
  17. ’Alienation’ as characteristic of modernistic fiction in the role of K. 
  18. The role of the prison Chaplain in K.’s life. 
  19. A short note on the whipping scene. 
  20. Write a note on the changes in furniture, robing and disrobing in the book. 
  21. The role of the usher in the book. 
  22. The use of parables in giving a message. 
  23. Commentary as a Judaic method used in literature. (e.g. Description of court procedures) 
  24. The, use of metaphor in ’The Trial’. (The answer is ’dizziness, the dog metaphor, robing, Leni’s webbed fingers...) 
  25. The legend as a tool in the telling of the tale. (The doorkeeper) 
  26. The use of allegory. (The whipping scene) 
  27. Kafka’s obsession with the ’guilt’ of the fallen man or, as the corner stone of Judeo Christian religion.
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