The Turn of the Screw
Henry James
Contributed by Cinderella Domino
Chapter 10

The governess remains frozen until she is sure Quint is gone, then returns to her room. Flora’s bed is empty. The white curtains have been deceivingly pulled forward. She is terrified but at just that moment notices an agitation in the window blind, and Flora emerges from the window to ask the governess where she’s been. Flora explains that she noticed the governess’ absence and jumped up to see if she was walking in the grounds. The governess is sure Flora is lying and wants to break the silence and force her to admit she sees the apparitions, but instead she asks Flora why she pulled the curtains to make it look like she was still in bed. Flora explains that she just didn’t want to frighten the governess if she came back suddenly. 

The governess is now much more watchful at night and once briefly surprises a bowed Miss Jessel on the stairs, but after eleven days have passed she begins to relax her guard. That night she goes to bed at her usual hour but wakes up suddenly and completely in the middle of the night. Flora had gotten up and squeezed behind the blind again, sitting on the casement and not noticing the noise the governess makes as she stands up and hastily gets into her slippers. Wanting to see the communication going on between Flora and the unknown other, she slips into another room with a window in the same direction. She senses another presence above her in the tower, but the figure on the lawn is little Miles. 

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