The Turn of the Screw
Henry James
Contributed by Cinderella Domino
Chapter 14

As they walk to church that Sunday she finds it amazing that the children don’t mind her perpetual company, and realizes that she has "all but pinned the little boy to my shawl." In his Sunday waistcoat, made by his uncle’s tailor, Miles looks so manly that she realizes his title to independence. Just then, he turns to the governess and asks her when he is going back to school. He says to her, "You know, my dear, that for a fellow to be with a lady always-!" and explains that he’s getting too old for this. He points out that he’s always been good, except for that one time, just to show he could be bad, and then mentions that he can be bad again. Then he repeats his question. She asks if he was happy at school. He says he can be happy anywhere, but he wants to see more of life and be around his "own sort." He asks if his uncle knows how he is getting on. She tells him she doesn’t think his uncle cares. Miles then says he thinks his uncle can be made to, and that he will make the uncle come down. Then he charges off alone into church.

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