The Turn of the Screw
Henry James
Contributed by Cinderella Domino
Chapter 18

The next day the governess tells Mrs. Grose that she has written the letter, but doesn’t mention that she hasn’t mailed it yet. Her pupils are unusually brilliant in the schoolroom that morning. After lunch, as if to reconcile with the governess and show that he was only vying for his independence to make a point, Miles offers to play for her on the piano. He plays beautifully, until the governess realizes she has forgotten about Flora. She asks him where Flora is, but he says he has no idea and breaks into a happy laugh. Flora is not with Mrs. Grose (who thought the governess had her) and cannot be found anywhere. The governess realizes that she is outdoors with Miss Jessel, and Miles is in the schoolroom with Quint. She and Mrs. Grose rush out without hats to look for Flora. On the way, the governess is reminded to take the letter for the uncle out of her pocket and leave it on the hallway table for a servant to mail.

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