The Visible Filth
Nathan Ballingrud
Contributed by Shemika Thormahlen
Chapter 10

Everything at home seems to look normal. Carrie’s car is parked outside, and the apartment is quiet. Will quietly approaches the entrance and tries to listen by pressing his ear against the door. He hears nothing, and decides to open the door, pushing it while still standing outside. The lights are off, and he calls out for Carrie; but there is no response. He switches on the lights before going into the kitchen where he retrieves a chef’s knife to arm himself with. Carrie is in the study viewing the video of the wet, black tunnel she was watching last night. She does not notice Will’s presence, is not responsive to his actions, and had urinated in the same spot as where she is currently seated. The living room is empty too. As Will approaches the bedroom, he demands that anyone inside should come out; no response. He goes in and realizes that everything looks normal. Next, his phone starts chiming in his pocket and the name “Garrett” appears on the screen. Will hears the same voice from the previous time he called the number, and tears begins to flow from his eyes as he listens.


Will has come home preparing for the worst; but from the outside, nothing seems to be out of place. However, his fear is apparent and profound, for everything he does portrays his intense anxiousness. Although he knows that some evil people are behind what seems to be happening, he arms himself with a knife as a way of possibly fighting whatever it is. The sight of Carrie sitting there, absentmindedly stinking in her own urine, indicates that Will’s worry was not uncalled for, as something has clearly happened to her. There seems to be a connection between the video she is watching on her computer and the reaction she portrays; it is dangerous, and shows just how the content of that phone is affecting Carrie to the point of losing her mind. The call from Garrett, on Will’s phone, shows that he is playing too close to danger and evil, and the voices he hears affirm the wickedness that continues to follow him.

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