The Visible Filth
Nathan Ballingrud
Contributed by Shemika Thormahlen
Chapter 11

Will could not engage with Carrie until he shut down her computer. Her eyes are bloodshot and dry. He brings her into the bedroom and places her on the bed despite the urine. After removing the soiled clothing, he proceeds to bathe her, after which she seems to have somehow recovered. Carrie is surprised that he is home instead of being at work. Will asks if she remembers the events that that took place, and recalls their phone conversation as she was doing some research. She confirms that someone was in the house despite not being sure — which makes her believe that she is going crazy. Will asks her what “The Second Translation of Wounds” is, which she says is a book she had seen in the video they watched from the yellow phone. He also asks about the tunnel she was viewing on her computer, but she fails to recall. Finally, Will calls the bar, and finds out that Doug has already come in and affirms that he is covering everything. He also notes that Eric had wanted to speak to Will.


Evidently, the tunnel scene that Carrie watches on her computer is causing some effect as she barely gained any awareness after Will had shut down the computer. This revelation explains her behavior, the night before, of losing focus until Will returned home. Although he believes that she does not love him, and that he loves Alicia, Will is genuinely caring towards Carrie considering his response to her situation. For a moment, his undivided attention shifts from his job, at the bar, to Carrie, in making her feel better. Bathing her is a sign of love and care, as well as a bit of guilt for putting her in this situation. Their conversation, and the confusion involved, indicates that the contents of the photos and the video have not only introduced trouble into their lives, but is also affecting the wellbeing of Carrie as she appears to be losing her mind. At the same time, Carrie’s request, for Will to call Rosie’s, shows her attitude towards the act of being responsible — and how she is afraid that Will losing his job might make their lives more difficult.

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