The Visible Filth
Nathan Ballingrud
Contributed by Shemika Thormahlen
Chapter 8

Will and Carrie wake up in the early afternoon, feeling tired and irritable. He steps into the bathroom to take a shower, but emerges still feeling unaccountably filthy. Carrie is in the living room, starting at the window while sitting on the couch. They engage in a conversation about the pictures and the video, including how Will failed to hand over the phone to Derek as he had planned, but reassures her that he will give it up later in the evening. Carrie activates the phone, and pauses at the first picture; she reveals that she did some Internet search for Garrett, as well as other issues attributed to Satanism and death cults. Despite affirming that he will give the phone to the police, she seems certain that he will not do it — saying that people look so healthy on the outside, but simply all worms on the inside.

Carrie goes into the bedroom and emerges a while later all dressed up for the day. She insists that he should give up the phone so they can talk. Will thinks that she is wrong for issuing him with an ultimatum regarding the phone. Later, he takes the time to check her computer’s browsing history, where he sees the different sites she visited. The last entry was at 11:17, which was several hours before he arrived home. He does not know the things she might have found.


The feeling held by Will, after he wakes up and takes a shower, attributes to his current life for the past few days. He is submerged in different horrifying issues, including the phone’s contents, uncertainty about Carrie’s love for him, and the rejection by Alicia. The latter seems paramount because it is not mutual, and how he seemingly loves her. On the other hand, Carrie is also affected by the events, judging by the Internet research being performed on the issue — and might have revealed something that is, at this point, unknown to Will. She had tried to google Garret for she genuinely cares about humanity irrespective of the person. Also, she seems to think that the police may manage to help solve the case, since they are there to enforce the law and protect the innocent. Will, on his part, chooses to ignore personal boundaries, now a normality for him, when he checks her computer. Despite his rude behavior, he is only showing concern for her and the things that are happening in their lives.

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