The Woman in the Window
A. J. Finn
Contributed by Eleanor Sherer
Chapter 17

The author describes the routine of Anna. With one arm grasping an alcoholic beverage, Anna pries on her neighbors from her Nikon camera using the other hand. The author indicates that Anna was an alcoholic. She observes her neighbors and passers-by using the camera. She focuses her lens on the house belonging to the Russells. Anna admits that she has not told her psychiatrist about the Russells because they resemble her family was present before the accident. She knows that Dr. Fielding may view this as her desperation of reuniting with her family. For the first time, Anna gets caught prying by Jane. ‘No one’s ever caught me before’ (Finn, 58). From the house belonging to Alistair, the woman whom Anna had assumed was Anna waves at her. Anna expresses her guilt by accepting that her hobby infringed on the privacy of her victims. This section ends in suspense as Anna hears a knock on the door right after being caught red-handed.

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