The Woman in the Window
A. J. Finn
Contributed by Eleanor Sherer
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Chapter 2

The author uses hyperbole to exaggerate the “death” of her neighbors’ marriages. This is evident in her descriptions of them; in which she likens the moving-in activity of the family into the new house to a hearse. Moreover, she refers to the new family as ghosts and compares their moving in to exhuming a body because she relates this family to that of her own; for which she is at a loss. This represents the lack of acceptance of the deaths of her husband and daughter. The author also describes Anna’s family. The protagonist is a psychologist who was married to a contractor, Ed. Together, they had a daughter named Olivia. Sadly, her husband and daughter are both deceased. The author writes a discourse between Anna and the ghosts of her husband and daughter. This emphasizes on Anna’s denial of the deaths of Ed and Olivia. In the dialogue, the ghosts are aware of her prying behavior and advise her to stop watching the new neighbors that are moving in. Instead, the ghosts urge her to go out of the house and get acquainted with them. Nevertheless, Anna remains adamant and prefers watching the new neighbors from her window.

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