The Woman in the Window
A. J. Finn
Contributed by Eleanor Sherer
Chapter 24

In this chapter, the author builds up a virtual relationship between Anna and Lizzie via the Agora site. Anna receives a message from her patient, “grannylizzie”, who has been making good progress. Anna is happy that her patient has become well-adjusted to living in her condition of agoraphobia. Later, Anna decides to watch a movie before she is interjected by a horrid scream from one of her neighbor’s house. As she searches for the source of the eerie scream, she concludes that it originated from the Russells. When she calls their landline, Ethan picks up the phone and assures Anna that everything is fine. Anna is, however, worried that Jane might have been hurt by Alistair. Based on her interaction with Alistair, she is worried that he is too controlling. Instead of calling the police, Anna calls their house again. This time the phone is picked by Alistair who denies that the scream emanated from his house. However, as he ends the call, Anna sees Jane leaving the Russells’ home quite scared. This shows that both Ethan and Alistair were deceitful.

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