The Woman in the Window
A. J. Finn
Contributed by Eleanor Sherer
Chapter 36

The author leaves the audience in the state of suspense when he changes the narration from the family trip. The author describes how Anna wakes up in a completely strange room. The walls seem to be closing in on her. She experiences a psychotic episode that sees a nurse sedate her just to calm her down. When she comes to, she is interrogated by Detective Little. The character name selection by the author is ironic because of the detective’s massive size. Anna says that he looked like a football player.

The detective informs her that she was found unconscious and was picked at the park the previous night. Anna enquires about Jane whom she had struggled to save. The detective assures her that Jane is fine. When the doctor arrives, she informs Anna that she had two panic attacks. She urges the detective to take Anna home after she has been sedated. Other than the detective’s claim that Jane was safe, the author indicates no other evidence to support the claim. The audience is left yearning to read more so that they can confirm that Jane is really alive.

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