The Woman in the Window
A. J. Finn
Contributed by Eleanor Sherer
Chapter 40

Detective Little’s partner escorts Alistair into the house. She plays the 911 call in front of everyone in the house. From the call, the detectives conclude that Anna is delusional. Also, some of the drugs she was taking may have resulted in her hallucinations. The conflict in the book is created when Anna allegedly claims that she saw a woman in the Alistair household get stabbed, while every other character disapproves her. Even though Anna is adamant in accepting that Jane is still alive, Alistair makes a call to his house to affirm that his wife is okay. When there is a knock on the door, Alistair answers and introduces Ethan and a strange woman, whom Anna has never met, as his wife. The fact that the author has occasionally mentioned her alcoholism and the adverse side effects of her medication conveys to the audience that Anna could have been wrong about what she saw.

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