The Woman in the Window
A. J. Finn
Contributed by Eleanor Sherer
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Chapter 78

The author employs the analogy of movies depicting death for the audience to presume that Anna is likely to be suicidal. This shows that one of the effects of depression is suicidal thoughts (Comfort, 2017). Later on, Anna receives a call from Wesley. The author reveals that Anna and Wesley had had an affair. Ed had caught them, and that is why he wanted to be estranged from her before he died. In the call, Wesley claims that he wants to put the affair behind him. Anna blames him for wrecking her marriage. The author implies that the affair was, however, more consequential to Anna because she lost her family. The fact that Wesley is unapologetic and wants to forget the incident makes Anna annoyed with him. She hangs up the phone before they can complete their dialog.

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