The Woman in the Window
A. J. Finn
Contributed by Eleanor Sherer
Chapter 79

The author emphasizes Anna’s seclusion in this section. When Bina arrives at the house for their weekly therapy sessions, Anna sends her off. She insists on being alone. Driven by her guilt for accusing David, she visits him in the basement. David informs her that he would be moving to a new house and hands her the keys. Anna believes that David is spiteful that she had accused him of murder.

She goes back to her house and logs into her computer. As she contemplates about the dreadful email, she decides to find out whether the sent picture had been taken by her camera. In an effort to prove that she did not take the picture, she checks her Nikon camera then her phone gallery. She is shocked to find the picture on her phone. Also, she realizes that the email had been sent from her computer. This leaves her perplexed since it proves that she sent the email to herself- an action she barely recalls.

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