The Woman in the Window
A. J. Finn
Contributed by Eleanor Sherer
Chapter 94

Anna is terrified that she allowed Ethan to return home after he confessed the truth. She fears that Alistair would reprimand him for this. The author is satirical when he indicates that despite Jane being the alleged murderer, Anna defends her. She is sympathetic of Jane because her actions were driven by her maternal instincts. Anna remains restless as she thinks of the possible outcomes that may be happening as the Russell house after Ethan had informed them that she knew the truth. Later in the day Ethan texts Anna that his parents would be going to the police.

The author utilizes an analogy of Anna’s dream to inform the audience that Anna suspected Ethan of intruding into her house. In the dream, as she talks to her deceased daughter, she recalls of  Punch’s paw that was hurt. The fact that Ethan knew about the cat’s ill paw without seeing the pet implied that he could have hurt it. This indicates that Ethan could have been getting into Anna’s house at night.

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