The Woman in the Window
A. J. Finn
Contributed by Eleanor Sherer
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Chapter 95

The author twists the narrative when Ethan appears at Anna’s house and incriminates himself. He gets into Anna’s bedroom in the middle of the night. He admits that he is a psychopath and that he killed Katie because she couldn’t leave him alone. After killing her, Alistair had assisted Ethan to hide the body because he did not want his son to be jailed. Ethan discloses that he lied to Anna to shut her up and end her inquisitiveness. Ethan says that he has always been fascinated by old women like Anna. In fact, this resulted in an altercation that cost Alistair his job. Ethan had visited one of Alistair’s old-lady colleagues at night. This contradicts Ethan’s initial narrative where he had attributed Alistair’s job loss to his infidelity. Since Anna had been relentless in her search for the truth, Ethan intends to kill her using a letter opener.

Moreover, he admits that he has occasionally gained access to her house using a copy of her keys. Ethan confesses that he was attracted to Anna. He says he couldn’t get enough of her, so he would pretend to be gloomy to get her attention. Ethan’s admission of guilt makes Anna feel remorseful for hating Alistair. She realizes that Alistair had only tried to protect her from Ethan, ‘I wouldn’t want him spending time with a grown woman’(Finn, 266).

In this section, the author depicts a terrifying scene whereby the protagonist’s life is in danger. Ethan threatens to kill Anna and make it look like a suicide. Fearing for the worst, Anna fights back as she tries to escape from Ethan. This chapter is the climax of the author’s narrative. Anna must struggle to survive so that she can prove that Ethan was culpable.

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