The Woman in the Window
A. J. Finn
Contributed by Eleanor Sherer
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Themes are described as ideas that dominate a particular piece of literature. In almost all cases, pieces of literature will be centered a theme or a number of them.

The author describes the tragedy of Anna’s family that resulted in the death of her husband and daughter. In the novel, Anna refuses to accept their deaths. Also, the author succeeds in making the book a fascinating thriller when he incorporates the death of Katie. The plot of the novel is based on her gruesome murder that the protagonist struggles to demystify.

Character destruction

The author gradually diminishes the character of Anna; from a happy wife to an agoraphobic, to a drunkard and a drug abuser, and finally to a promiscuous wife. Her affair with Wesley is the main aspect that initiates her suffering. She attributes the accident to her infidelity. Moreover, Ethan’s character transitions from an innocent and vulnerable young man to a cold-blooded killer. He murders his own mother and attempts to kill Anna. Nonetheless, Ethan fails to show any remorse for his action.


The plot of the story is based on Anna whom everybody believes is disillusioned. She talks to Ed and Olivia who are dead. Moreover, her claim that she witnessed murder is concluded by the detectives as her imagination. The author stresses the protagonist’s denial of the deaths of her family members by highlighting her disillusioned condition. Anna humanizes the voices of Ed and Olivia because she misses them and wants to be reunited with them.  


The author talks about the agoraphobic condition of Anna that makes her to be withdrawn from her neighbors. She lives isolated from them and rarely interacts with others. Anna is described as the “woman in the window” by the author because she spends all her time indoors watching other people. Anna also admits that the last time she had visitors in her house was ten months ago when her husband died.

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