The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
Lyman Frank Baum
Contributed by Sharon Fleming
Chapter 1

Chapter One features an orphaned girl known as Dorothy. She lives in a small house together with uncle Henry and Aunt Em. The prairies in Kansas where they live is grey and barren. As a result, her guardians and dog, Toto serve as her only source of fun. She is fully aware that she needs to savor most of what she currently has. Her life could have been different without people taking care of her and a dog that is ready to live with her through the boring times.

One day, a storm comes up while Dorothy and Toto are in the house. It hits it before Toto, and she could reach the storm cellar. The storm whirls the house in the air and carries it away. Soon the storm calms down, and they land back on the ground. Both Dorothy and Toto are frightened by the experience. They move slowly to their beds to have sleep.


In the book, Baum sets off the story with a dull description of events. Various reasons may be tied to the concept. One of them is that he wants the reader to identify the difference between Kansas and the Oz to the eyes of Dorothy. Kansas is presented as a highly unconducive place for Dorothy to live in and she to face many challenges in her attempt to adapt to the harsh living conditions presented. The Oz, as would be indicated in later chapters, would be presented as bearing a lot of fun, especially, upon the life of Dorothy. As a result, she will have the chance to determine the difference better the two, which will enable her to make a choice.

He also wants to show that although Dorothy lives in a dull place, it is real and somewhere she can call home. She is welcome to the place and has a dog friend who has always offered her the level of loyalty that everyone would wish for. In contrast, the author wants to show that the life that Dorothy is living is much more desirable, compared to the fantasy life that may be brought by the vibrant Oz. It, therefore, creates a representation of something to be interested in. Although the prairies are considered to be less appealing, they present a chance of creating some level of satisfaction that would not be brought by the Oz. The Oz is only out to mislead people and, therefore, presents a less chance to lead them in the right direction. He also presents a lessee opportunity to make a person feel comfortable and at home, in line with some of the expectations that they would bear.

Baum also provides a dull representation of Kansa in the first chapter as a depiction of the kind of life he led in his life. In 1890, Baum together and his family were living in South Dakota when their hometown was hit with a cyclone. He had also experienced various cyclone events in his life.

By representing Kansas as dull, he was also adopting the new style of writing that had cropped up where authors were keen on representing the American frontier in its actual sense. They would, therefore, bear the opportunity to detail some of the concepts noted about the American frontier in a way that would make it possible for people to identify with it together with some of the challenges that it posed to provide them. They would also bear the opportunity to identify with some of the challenges that they were likely to experience while being in constant with the American frontier. The concept would, therefore, ensure that people would be able to empathize with some of the people who live in the area.

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