The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
Lyman Frank Baum
Contributed by Sharon Fleming
Chapter 11

The Guardian of the Gates gives Dorothy and her team access to the Emerald City. The city is glowing and is dumbfounded at the nature of the beauty of the city. Everything, including the skin of people they come into contact with, is green. The groups reach the Emerald Palace where they spend the night. Dorothy sleeps at the green bedchamber and experiences what she would consider being a comfortable night. The next morning, the group is led to the Throne Room of the Oz. They speak to the Oz in turns, one at a time.

Dorothy sees the Wizard as a massive head that does not have a body. He tells her that he will not send her home until she manages to kill the Wicked Witch of the West. She would also need to return with proof that she has killed the Wicked Witch. Dorothy is both horrified and disappointed with the information she is given. She had expected a smooth sailing in having her request granted. She would now have to work for it to ensure that it becomes a success. She also does not like the idea of her killing someone to achieve the wish of going back home.

The Wizard of the Oz appears in different forms to each of all the travelers. However, he gives all of them the same message. He affirms that he will not grant any of them a wish until the Wicked Witch of the West is dead. All the friends are saddened by the information they are given. They, therefore, go to bed planning to begin their journey the following day.


The fact that the Wizard fails to grant Dorothy and her friends their wishes is something that is quite surprising in the Land of Oz. He tells them that they must kill the Wicked Witch of the Wes first before the wish is granted. The fact that he does not help them first goes against the expectations held. The main reason why they had sought his help in the first place is that they had been told that he would do exactly that, assist them. As a result, they now had to go back to the drawing board and determine how they would manage to kill the Wicked Witch of the West to enable the ruler to grant their wishes.

The Head tells Dorothy that, “In his country, everyone must pay for everything he gets.” The information he gives is not true. People had managed to enjoy some services in the Land of Oz before they even paid for them. The book does not provide an incident where money has been used in the Land of Oz. Throughout their journey, Dorothy and her friends have been given meals by people they do not know. However, none of them has charged them any money for the food given. Since entering the Emerald City, people have had the willingness to serve them and offer them comfort. Such people did not ask or expect any payment from the group. The group did not also pass any store that had to gathers their food.

The readers manage to get the idea that the ruler of the Oz is a human from the real world where Dorothy also comes from. He, therefore, understands the importance of money and the value that it has. The statements he gives Dorothy are, therefore, more American than what would be expected in the land of Oz.

The Oz is also fully aware that he cannot grant Dorothy and her friends the wishes that they are asking for. He, therefore, chooses to accord her an overpowering task of the killing the Wicked Witch of the West as a way of getting rid of her. He holds the belief that Dorothy might get killed while trying to subdue the Wicked Witch. The ruler would, therefore, not have shown Dorothy and her friends about his weakness in according them the wishes they have. The story is likened to the 12 labors of the Hercules. It is also likened to the unreasonable demands that Rumpelstiltskin gave. Such forms of bargains are commonplace in myths. They are normally aimed at scaring people away. As a result, they present an opportunity of making a person appear stronger than he is. Dorothy does not need to shed blood to have her wish granted.

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