The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
Lyman Frank Baum
Contributed by Sharon Fleming
Chapter 14

The travelers find out that there is no road between the witch and the Emerald City. There is not even a pathway that they could use which would enable them to reach their destination easily. The travelers find out that it is a tough going for them in having to go back to where they came from. They had been flown into the castle by the Flying Monkeys and now were supposed to find the way out of the place. Dorothy and her companions wander in the woods for some days before they find a road which leads them out of place.

Dorothy calls the mice for help by use of the magic whistle which the Queen of the Field Mice had given her. The Queen also tells Dorothy that she can summon the Flying Monkeys using the Golden Cap. Dorothy looks at the Golden Cap and finds the words of the necessary charm written on it after following the necessary directions. One pronouncing the words of the charm, Winged Monkeys arrive in large numbers. The king of the Winged Monkeys agrees to fly the travelers to Emerald City.

While the king is flying Dorothy along, he tells her about the history of the Winged Monkeys. Two generations before, the grandfather of the king played a trick on the intended husband of a sorceress/princess who lived nearby. The princess gave out a punishment in which she stated that whoever managed to own the Golden Cap would become the master of the monkeys. The Witch of the West, therefore, stole the cap and kept it to herself until the time when Dorothy killed her and took it. The Cap grants three wishes. By asking to be flown to Emerald City, she has used one of the wishes. Once they arrive, the monkeys set their passengers down at the front of the gates of the city and fly away to where they came from.


The chapter also details the elements of legends. In the story, the mice perform a favor for someone who had spared their lives earlier on. The interaction between Dorothy and the mice is important as it creates an opportunity for the travelers to attain some level of balance with nature. One the way to the Castle, the travelers encountered some challenges which they had to fight off and ensure that they would attain the success that would be required. The travelers were, therefore, able to fight against the crows, wolves and the bees. They had managed to fight them off successfully and win over them. With the witch being dead, they were able to form a good relationship with the animals, birds, and insects sent to fight them.

Before Chapter 14, Baum had not mentioned about the magic whistle given by the Queen of the Mouse. In Chapter 9, the Queen had only told Dorothy and the other travelers to call her in case they need her. The inconsistency noted is considered part of others noted in the book by Baum.

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