The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
Lyman Frank Baum
Contributed by Sharon Fleming
Chapter 2

Once Dorothy and Toto wake up, they realize that the cyclone has set their hose down. The house has landed in “a land of marvelous beauty.” A group of strange people approaches them. They are elated to see Dorothy and Toto. They are warm towards them, and they welcome them to their land, the Land of the Munchkins. The group of people also thank Dorothy for killing the Wicked Witch of the East. They seem to bear bitter views and attitudes regarding the dead Witch. The Good Witch of the North approaches Dorothy and Toto. He explains to them that they are in the Land of Oz. The land is divided into four quadrants. A witch heads each quadrant.  Two witches in the land are good while the other two are bad. One of the bad witches is the one who has just died. Thus, only one bad Wicked Witch remains in the Land of Oz.

Dorothy asks the Good Witch how she can get back home. The Wizard suggests to her to make a journey to the Emerald City and ask its ruler, the Oz, of how she could get back home. The journey would, however, be quite risky for her. The Oz is highly respected in the Land. He is deemed to bear great wisdom and, therefore, his subjects regard him to be highly important to them. Dorothy agrees to travel to Emerald City to meet the great Wizard. It is only the action that would enable her to identify some of the ways through which she could be in a position to go back to her home. The Witch of the North gives Dorothy a kiss of protection on the forehead as she plans to set out for the journey and vanishes.


Dorothy seemed to be quite frightened by the alien-looking race. Although the Munchkins appeared to be quite welcoming and loving to Dorothy, their physical outlook seemed to be more than Dorothy could wish to withstand. On being amongst them, she developed the great need to move away to her home. Baum, however, portrays Dorothy as being ten years old. She is, therefore, about the same size as the Munchkins. Given the fact that they appear to be the same size, they are deemed harmless in the book.

Before Dorothy arrived at the land Oz land, it had balanced power; two good leaders and two bad leaders. Dorothy would, however, destroy the bad Wizard of the East when her house crashes the villain. As a result, she manages to bring about some level of imbalance in how the land is ruled. The imbalance may also be noted in the entire plot of the story. Each of the four regions of the land has its favorite color. For instance, when Dorothy landed in the land, she noticed that the Munchkins were wearing blue.

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