The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
Lyman Frank Baum
Contributed by Sharon Fleming
Chapter 23

Glinda welcomes back the visitors while seated on the ruby throne. Dorothy explains that she needs to get back to Kansas before Aunt Em decides that her niece is dead. Glinda readily accepts to assist Dorothy in exchange for the Golden Cap which Dorothy offers to give her. However, before she deals with Dorothy, she ensures that all her companions have places to go to. She asks the monkeys to fly the companions of Dorothy to their appointed locations. She after that frees the monkeys forever and can, therefore, not be at the service of another individual. When Dorothy’s turn comes, beautiful Glinda tells her that the silver shoes she has have the power to take her home. The only thing she needs to do is to knock the silver shoes three times. While tearful, Dorothy bids her friends farewell. She picks up Toto and clicks the shoes as instructed. She whirls through the air and lands suddenly that she rolls over the ground. She finds herself at the Kansas prairies at the new home that her uncle had built after the first one was destroyed. The silver shoes she had been, “lost forever in the desert.”


The Woodman wished he had a heart while the Scarecrow wanted to have a brain. The Lion also wanted courage. None of the three realized that they already possessed the things that they wanted. Dorothy also does not realize that the silver shoes she had have the power to take her back to Kansas. Dorothy is, however, not sad. She knows that while at Oz, she was of use to her friends. The journey had also enabled her to mature considerably. Dorothy also attains some strength in just the same way as a mythical hero. Although she had managed to achieve great things, the desire to get back home never left her. Dorothy lands back at the “farm,” not a grey place. For Dorothy, Kansas is equally beautiful.

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