The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
Lyman Frank Baum
Contributed by Sharon Fleming
Chapter 3

Dorothy prepares for her journey to Emerald City to meet the great Wizard. She, therefore, decides to wear the silver shoes of the dead witch. The shoes fit perfectly on her and do not wear out. The shoes also offer her some form of charm that she could use to outwit the great witch. She sets off with Toto as they move through the yellow brick road that would lead them to the City of Emerald. The road leads through a countryside area. The countryside bears some elements and features which have some semblance of the Kansas area where she used to live in.

On their way, they were caught by darkness. They, therefore, decided to have a rest and spent the night at a home of a rich Munchkin.  The Munchkin is known as Boq. Boq is strong-willed and willing to motivate them to take part in the journey. He has the belief that they will be able to subdue the remaining wicked witch and bring some level of calmness and peace to their land. He, however, warns them that the journey would be long and dangerous. As a result, they need to have some level of brevity and be willing to go through the harsh moments as they focus more on actions that present an opportunity for them to attain the best outcomes. The process also presents them with an opportunity to establish some of the dangerous moments that they are likely to face in the process. Proper preparations may also enable them to identify some of the elements that they may need to hide away from to increase upon their chances of reaching the City of Emerald safely.

The next morning, Dorothy and Toto set off for their journey. They stop along the way to look at a Scarecrow placed on a pole. The pole is located inside a cornfield. Dorothy is surprised when the Scarecrow winks and, after that, greets her. The Scarecrow then asks Dorothy to help him get down the pole. Dorothy is quite surprised as she has not met an inanimate object engage in activities associated with animals before.

Dorothy then tells the Scarecrow where she is going, and he asks her if he can come with her. The Scarecrow mentions that he has straw and lacks a brain. He is, therefore, interested in visiting the wizard to obtain the brain. He believes that with the brain, he will be in a position to make better choices regarding his own life as well as some of the different situations that he is likely to encounter in his life.


The Scarecrow speaks in a husky voice. The outer protective layer of corn is known as a husk. The fact that the Scarecrow was used to protect the cornfield is not a mere literal coincidence. The outcome created from the statement is that of pun and was accurately delivered by Baum. The Scarecrow also aims to fulfill the archetypal structure detailed in the book. He plays the role of a wise fool. Although the Scarecrow is not educated, he bears some level of natural intelligence that cannot be explained. Readers are, therefore, able to determine that the Scarecrow does not have a brain. He also appears to be smart and capable of solving some of the problems that they encounter along the way. He is, therefore, available for Dorothy and her friends.

The Scarecrow, therefore, has some symbolic functions. One of them is that he bears the willingness to be whole. He, thus, shares the same characteristics as the Cowardly Lion. He is at crossroads and not capable of moving. Dorothy finds him and, therefore, manages to pull him out of the major problems that he happens to be in. The level of intelligence of the Scarecrow is highly revealed when they are on the journey. The decisions he makes are not only apt but once which present a chance for attaining better survival within the different engagements that they are involved in.

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