The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
Lyman Frank Baum
Contributed by Sharon Fleming

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Chapter 5

In the morning, Dorothy, the Scarecrow, and Toto left the cottage and headed down the yellow brick road. As they continue to move down the road, they hear a groan. They, therefore, listen intently to establish where it is coming from. They manage to determine that the sound is coming from a man who is made of tin. The man is standing motionless. The man asks Dorothy to get into his cottage, find some oil and apply on his joints. He contends that doing so would make the joints flexible. As a result, he moves as he wishes. Dorothy quickly complies with the request of the man. Tin Woodman, after that, manages to regain his former capability. He can, therefore, walk and talk as he would wish for. Tin Woodman then seeks information from Dorothy on the nature of their errand. When she informs him that they are going to the City of Emerald, he asks if he can join them, so they move together. Dorothy accepts the request. Woodman hopes that by going together, the Oz will manage to give him a heart. He will, therefore, listen to the cries of other people and have the chance to meet them in the best way that he can.

As they move together, Woodman informs his newfound friends of how the Wicked Witch of the East cast a spell on him. The spell, therefore, turned him from a real woodman into a tin one. He also has discussions with the Scarecrow. He maintains that a heart can bring about a high level of happiness to an individual. The Scarecrow, on the other hand, maintains that the brain is the important aspect. It presents a person with the ability to make judgments regarding some of the concepts that he is likely to face. As a result, the individual may have the chance to identify some of the steps that he may need to take in to avoid some of the problems that he might be likely to face in his life. They, however, agree that each party has his views regarding which one among the two elements bears the potential of creating a high level of satisfaction among them. As Woodman and the Scarecrow argue about the brain and heart, Dorothy wonders what she and Toto are going to do about food.


Tin Woodman needs some healing in just the same was the Scarecrow needs. It is the one aspect that brings the two together. The act of the Witch in turning the Woodman into tin is an indication of her need to turn the ax against him. Tin Woodman also bears the belief that he has no feelings simply because he lacks a heart. However, he has frequent tears, they, therefore, go on to show that he is kind and caring. He, therefore, wishes to engage in activities that would show a great level of care towards other people. His actions are likely to motivate other people into feeling worthy of whom they are. They also aim to show that the physical organ, the heart, has little to do with the feelings that a person has. The heart that normally creates feelings is something intricate that other people cannot see. Although Woodman lacks the physical heart, his actions cannot deny that he has strong feelings that may be critical towards showing the great level of care that he has about other people. It also shows the great concern that he bears in regards to some of the practices that he may choose to engage in to be of value to others.  

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