The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
Lyman Frank Baum
Contributed by Sharon Fleming
Chapter 7

The group has grown larger with the addition of the Cowardly Lion. After having walked for long hours during the day, they manage to make a camp for the night where they may be able to sleep and rest. They aim to wake up early in the morning and be able to continue their journey. Dorothy and her dog, Toto are almost running out of food. She is perturbed that where the food manages to run out completely, the might lack the ability to continue with the journey. They would be likely to die out of hunger and fatigue. The scarecrow, however, comes to their rescue where he brings them a basket full of food.

When morning comes, the group continues their journey. As they continue to move, they come to the point that has a deep ravine. Most of them are not able to cross to the other point. The Coward Lion takes the major role in ensuring that they can move to the other side. He makes three trips as he carries them to the other side on his back. As the group continues to move, they reach a point that has a wide ditch. Tin Woodman chops down a tree and uses it to make a bridge. The group is, therefore, able to cross safely.

The actions indicate the great level of teamwork that they have. They are keen on being able to care for one another in spite of the challenges that they experience along the way. The concept also indicates a high level of commitment that the team has in regards to being in a position to each the City of Emerald at the right time. It also shows that they are willing to apply the different forms of strength and competencies they have to deal with the different problems they experience.

As the group continues to move, they reach a point where they face another challenge. The groups are followed by monstrous beasts which are known as the Khadijahs. The Scarecrow suggests Tim Woodman. He, therefore, chops down the other end of the bridge. As a result, the Khadijahs fall into the ditch. The case, thus, manages to save the group from the high level of danger that it was facing. The group is, therefore, able to put more focus on some of the measures that it may need to adhere to while moving to avoid some of the dangers that could come along their way and have an impact over their ability to reach their destination.

As the group manages to successful outwit the Khadijah’s they face another challenge. They come to a broad river. The Scarecrow also advices the Tin Woodman to build a raft. However, darkness befalls them before the Woodman can finish making the raft.


The Khadijahs which were following the group had bodies that have heads that look like tigers and bodies that resemble those of bears. In spite of the scary features they bear, the group can fight against them by use of intellect and beats them. The outcome of their actions indicates that both the Lion and the Scarecrow possess the very qualities that they believe they do not have. They are, therefore, able to look beyond their “incapacities” and outwit some of the challenges that come along. Through the process, they can remain highly resourceful to the group that they walk with. They are fully aware that they are walking as a team. As a result, they need to use any strength an intellect that they have towards their survival as well as to enhance the very aspect of survival of the other members found in the group. The concept also presents them the opportunity to identify some of the skills that other members possess, which could be used towards enhancing their survival. The actions of the Lion and the Scarecrow also makes one wonder of why they are interested in visiting the wizard.

One of how the Lion shows that he possesses the brevity that he is looking for is where he crossed back to the side where the Khadijahs is and promised to fight them. The Scarecrow, on the other hand, was able to provide ideas on some of the actions the group could take to cross the gaps which seemed to be impassable for some time.  The group was, therefore, able to make use of the ingenious ideas of the Scarecrow to ensure that they would be in a position to move past the very danger that appeared to face them.

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