The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
Lyman Frank Baum
Contributed by Sharon Fleming
Character Analysis

Dorothy is deemed to be resourceful and brilliant. Although she is transported to a new realm, the situation does not change who she is. She can wade through the different challenges she experiences in the process of transportation with keen resolve and determination. She is aware that the situation she goes through is only short-lived and presents her the opportunity to deal with them most appropriately. She is still, very hopeful she will return home and will not run away from some of the different forces that may go against her.

Dorothy is also caring. Although she is of lesser age than her companions, she does not allow the situation to be a detriment to her. She is fully aware that they are out to reach out to her aid. As a result, she also puts in the necessary effort to assist them. For instance, she can protect them accordingly when the Wicked Witch of the West confronts them. Dorothy also aims to go against deception. She is, therefore, able to uphold the concept of fairness while dealing with her peers, such as Tin Woodman.


Scarecrow is intelligent. His quest for knowledge is also seen in the way he asks for the Oz to give him a brain. He had many options that he could choose from. However, the fact that he chose to ask for a brain is an indication of a high level of resolve that he has regarding having the ability to be there for his friends. He also has native intelligence that enables him to determine some of the challenges that he is likely to experience and as well, develop the necessary steps to handle them effectively. 

As he travels together with his peers, they regard him as a highly instrumental individual in their excursion. He bears the takes note of the various problems they encounter along the way and, thereby, create the necessary measures to deal with them. He is also respectful to them. As a result, he has the identifies some of the views they have about the different problems they experience and, thereby, brainstorms with them on some of the measures they could take to handle them as would be deemed desirable. His peers, therefore, regard him as a real gem that they may need to be grateful for.

Tin Woodman

Tin Woodman has the main goal of obtaining a heart from Oz. His goal is ironical as he seems to have a heart already. He is tender-hearted and more concerned about the loves of his peers. He, therefore, appears to be an individual who already has a “heart.” Although he is kind and protective of others, his tender heart is depicted in the high level of care that he bears. For instance, any sight of an animal or friend in trouble brings tears to his eyes.

Cowardly Lion

Cowardly Lion is not a coward, ironically. He believes that he is a coward and, therefore, needs the Oz to give him the courage to handle the various challenge that comes his way most aptly. He also believes that the action would enable him to be of great help to his peers. He, however, appears to be more courageous than he thinks he is. He has faced various occasions where he can prove his courage and confidence.


Toto is a dog, but his effect is deemed highly influential in the entire book. In just the same way as the depiction of a dog in literature, he lives up to his billing as he proves his loyalty to Dorothy. He clings to his master, Dorothy, save for the few times when mice and other objects come along his path. He also bears some level of instinct that enables him to detect some of the problems that he may take notice of in his environment. His instinctiveness, therefore, enables him to be of great service to his master, Dorothy. Toto, therefore, has brought to light some of the items that would, otherwise not have had been known without his input.


The Oz is the focal point of the book. He is a Charlatan within Emerald City that has managed to lure people within into believing that he holds a lot of powers. As a result, many people revere him as they believe that he holds some supernatural powers that may be critical towards their survival.

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