Things That Matter
Charles Krauthammer
Contributed by Nina Calhoun
Chapter 11

Liberty, freedom, and memories are the key themes in this chapter. The author identifies different occurrences of the past that have affected lives up-to-date. American boundaries do not limit the writer’s scope of ideologies (Krauthammer 163). Instead, he views the world from different corners including Europe, Africa, Asia and even the United States. He talks about the different memorials and museums that represent the past such as the Gandhi memorial, Washington memorial, Martin Luther King Jr. memorial among others. An intensive explanation and attention seem to lean on the Holocaust Museum and the events of the Nazi era. The author lets the reader feel the pain of the victims of the Holocaust, the Jews, therefore showing the importance of remembering the ordeal (Krauthammer 165).

Apart from that, the chapter identifies America’s value for liberty and freedom for the world. It identifies the different sacrifices the nation makes for the good of other people, irrespective of the cost. For instance, the nation managed to help different nations participate in voting for the first time, and the liberty came at a significant cost and loss of American lives. Nonetheless, most of the rest of the world seems to think that the US is always after other countries’ resources, thus making the process a difficult one (Krauthammer 174). All the same, the US has made the effort of preserving the memories well thus ensuring that generation to come will understand the past while moving to the future.


Patriotism seems to be in the author's mind all through the chapter. He firmly stands with the American ways and the different accomplishments achieved by the nation. By defending America as a liberator shows a sense of nationalism, an important factor that citizens ought to have in their lives. Apart from that, touching on the different memorials and past occurrences is a right way of showing the reader where the planet has come from, the experiences of various people across the globe. However, talking about the Holocaust museum in Washington is a way of identifying how visitors may view the Jewish community, considering the horrors they underwent during the reign of Hitler. Despite that, it is crucial the building exists as a way of reminding people of the occurrences.

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