Things That Matter
Charles Krauthammer
Contributed by Nina Calhoun
Chapter 12

Krauthammer dedicates this chapter to the continued troubles faced by Jews, especially those in Israel. Ideally, most other nations, more so those in the United Nations have always trodden on Israel’s efforts to enforce a defense mechanism (Krauthammer 177). These decisions have made Israel more vulnerable to its enemies, especially the Islamic neighbors who stand against Jewish religion such as Palestine and Gaza. In desperation, the county tries to negotiate for peace mainly through offering land to the enemies, but the efforts have failed most of the times (Krauthammer 178). For instance, offering land to Gaza and Lebanon only brought war instead of the promised peace. Therefore, Israel now seeks a permanent solution by offering land for a final agreement from the enemies. On the other hand, the hostile neighbors seek no peace; they prefer land without peace in the efforts of replacing the only Jewish nation in the world (Krauthammer 186). Due to this, Krauthammer thinks that the rest of the world should intervene in the situation and help save the Israel nation thus upholding the Jewish community.


Approaching the issue through Israel shows full commitment and dedication to the Jewish community and society. This is because Israel is currently the only Jewish nation in the world, and the neighboring countries have always tried hostile means to eliminate the country from the map. The issue is absurd as the war is always religious-based, and Israel’s efforts to make peace never bare fruits. As the author describes these situations, it seems that some of the Middle East nations still dwell on the old world of religious-based hate (Krauthammer 189). Nonetheless, Krauthammer seems to think that the involvement of other nations, especially the western world may help eliminate the problem. Alternatively, the Palestinians should accept to make peace with Israel.

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