Things That Matter
Charles Krauthammer
Contributed by Nina Calhoun
Chapter 13

The Golden Age, according to Krauthammer is the current world. He assumes this considering the past horrors and ordeals experienced by Americans. For example, the Vietnamese adversely affected the American way of life. Apart from that, the Cold War challenged the nation extensively, with the Soviet Union being on their toes trying to overcome the US. Nonetheless, the country still triumphed and came out strong (Krauthammer 199).

The American politics is also an issue of discussion here. The author firmly believes that the voters always care about the things that the political parties do for them while in power. Having good accomplishments then running out of ideas leads to the removal from governance by the citizens, as they know exactly what they want from the leaders (Krauthammer 201). The current state of the nation seems more improved in different ways as the rate of crime has dropped considerably while the economy continues to thrive. Nevertheless, the writer acknowledges that good times never last long thus the people should enjoy these moments to the maximum before time runs out.


The nation faced various troubling times in the past and the recent years seems peaceful and worth praising. Talking about the Vietnamese war and the Cold War perfectly reminds Americans about the troubling times when the nation made sacrifices for a greater good (Krauthammer 204). Due to the efforts, America still stands as the superpower nation of the world and has prospered in various ways including politically, economically and regarding superiority. These achievements have eased the way of living making many youngsters think that the past times where always good. Krauthammer also mentions past presidents such as Reagan and Nixon as a way of showing the involvement of the government in ensuring that the lives of all Americans remain protected. Even President Bill Clinton managed to make a joke on the Cold War, a sign of continued prosperity for the American people.

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