Things That Matter
Charles Krauthammer
Contributed by Nina Calhoun
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Chapter 15

After the 9/11 bombing, some intellectual seemed to think that rebuilding efforts were useless. They saw the attack as the beginning of an era more dangerous than ever. However, various states around the world have since acquired similar weaponry and have done nothing. Even North Korea stands as a nation that has the means to put the world into war, but Kim Jong is not a suicidal fellow (Krauthammer 223). Therefore, the efforts of remarking the country again are not in vain, as the future may be promising. Nonetheless, Iran stands as a challenge to the peace existing in most parts of the world, especially in the Middle East. Ideally, Jordan is an important ally to the States and deserves to receive protection. However, most of its neighbors are war-lovers, and the continued advantage experienced by Iraq seems to be an imminent threat. This comes with the upper hand they acquired after the US militia evacuated from Iran, leaving the place under a mausoleum influence. Currently, Iraq can airlift its weapons through Iran freely into the neighboring nations in preparations for invasions. Therefore, the US has to come in and protect Jordan since it is under the protectorate program. The author also mentions the death by drone officiated by Obama (Krauthammer 225). There are reasons for legitimizing the strategy considering all the enemies of the State. Even so, an American citizen who stands against the nation and makes an attack becomes an enemy and death by drone is legal, including to any Al-Qaeda member irrespective of their region of operation or level of activeness. The country needs a self-defense excuse to make a drone attack on an enemy, considering that it follows the rules of war.


In this chapter, the author sees sense in rebuilding and reconstructing the nation even after an attack by the enemy (Krauthammer 223). This is war, and the nation cannot stop moving forward to entertain the ideologies of those against the interests of the US. Ideally, it was a wrong move to evacuate from Iran and fail to leave at least a stable military force to ensure that the US holds a privilege on the land. The process of moving out led to Iraq becoming more powerful as it had an easy time invading and convincing Iran to support their horror agendas. Former President Obama’s action of legitimizing death by drone is a clear way of taking the war to the enemy. The strategy is valid as it causes less damage or loss to the nation, and the enemies to receive their punishment correctly. The writer also describes the cases where an American citizen falls a victim of the death by drone strategy. One cannot attack his or her home and expect forgiveness for the actions; instead, the law allows for the stripping of citizenship for such traitorous individuals (Krauthammer 226). Therefore, it becomes legal to consider them enemies and put an end to their cause.

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