Thinking - Fast and Slow
Daniel Kahneman
Contributed by Larisa Brooke
Chapter 19

The chapter holds a view introduced by Kahneman as the narrative fallacy. It occurs when people attempt to make sense of the world. The brain focuses on a few things that happened rather than most of those that failed too. Success is a sense built up by System 1 which enables us to see the world as a simpler place and predictable than it is. Hindsight creates a feeling that the mistakes we commit in reasoning are apparent and that you were not in a situation to have known them in advance. System 1 has a way of jumping into conclusion with little sources.


Most of the time we reassure our self that things will be alright although we do not employ effort toward improving the situation. Such situations are created by System 1 which forms judgments based on little reliable sources. The limitations established may be rampant, or sometimes people tend to relax at the expense of improving the current state. System 1 also develops problems while solving others by jumping in conclusion based on little information.

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